The International Technical School of Kigali (ITS Kigali) is an offshoot of ESTH-Gasogi.  ESTH-Gasogi was established in 2003 and was initially located at Kagarama Sector in Kicukiro District. At the start, the school had a small number of students, and it has increased after years with the expansion of its infrastructure. Subsequently, in 2006, the school shifted from Kagarama to Gasogi in Ndera Sector. Since 2006 ESTH-Gasogi offered two (2) TVET accredited programmes that are Hotel Operations and Tourism with a student population of over 700 students. ESTH-Gasogi is also known for helping disadvantaged students assess education and excel in national exams.

Since 1st January 2018, a new ownership acquired the school from its founders. Currently, the school is owned by Mr Niyigaba Ignace, whose passion for education has always had his life driven with belief that Education and learning have direct positive effects on economic growth, poverty reduction and human development. He and the management team are highly qualified, competent, proactive, vision-oriented and well-focused with a mixture of rich educational backgrounds. Since 12/07/2018 ESTH-Gasogi under the new ownership and management officially changed its name to International Technical School of Kigali (I.T.S KIGALI) Ltd

A big number of students studied at ESTH are found in different hotels in
Rwanda, as well as national parks, and other tourism areas. The school faced those problems up to 2017, and after the owner sold it. After selling it all the areas of present teachers were paid off, and continue teaching. It is now stable. In response to the rapidly changing economic environment and the process of globalization, the school has made sustained efforts to bring an international perspective to all its activities.

The school management has embarked on establishing internal and processes through developing policies and procedures for all school processes. In the first place, the school has managed to develop a five year strategic plan (ITS Kigali Strategic Plan 2018-2023), a roadmap to achieving strategic objectives and priorities.

We seek to leverage the different expertise and practical experience from industry in program development, delivery and evaluation. This strategic relationship enables the school to re-align its curriculums on a continuous basis so as to produce graduates who are able to meet the expectations of the industry and are relevant at all times. We already have strong ties with a number of local hotels and companies that are well placed to solicit for placements majority of our students.

As International Technical School of Kigali, we lend credence to one’s opinion as children thrive when subject to love, respect and consistency. The various courses at our International Technical School include a robust and age-appropriation curriculum, subduing the burden on them.

Our strategic plans will help foster the young minds, stemming a valuable individual, capable of touching heights in their professional careers. We are an International School in Kigali, interested in developing the student’s capabilities by formulating policies, beneficial in the long run.


A School Name: International Technical School of Kigali – I.T.S KIGALI

Address: Kigali KK 3 Rd, Kigali, Gasogi, Ndera Sector- Gasabo. District
P.O Box 337 Kigali-Rwanda

Phone: (+250)788791416 (+250)788850591, (+250)786774634, (+250)788800064

Official Website:

I T S Kigali, a TVET School of Hotel Managements and Computer networking,  located at Kigali City, Gasabo District in Ndera sector, KK 17 Avenue. We are specialized in Tourism, Hotel Operations and Computer course programs. We also provide short courses of Software Development and Web design; Photography and Video Production and Culinary Arts.

Our Mission

The school mission is to uplift the standard of excellent quality if education to our students so that it may put our school on the map and to give a significant contribution to the Rwandan education.


Our objectives are to create or train our students to become job creators rather than job seekers , for easy survival in future. Again as our school is a technical school, we aimed to avoid street children or people to train them to use their hands for their future welfare. As we handle tourism and hospitality sector we have a goal of training our students to become good service providers to our Nation region as well as the world. We aimed to uplift the discipline of our students and teachers to make them very important for themselves and for Rwandan Society. As tourism sector is still growing up we need to give a meaningful contribution to tourism and hospitality sector by providing a well trained staff.

Strategic plan

Our plan is to train students to be able to compete on international market. We plan to have excellent competent staff in coming years in order to uplift quality of education to our students. This will be achieved by providing enough training to them to be at international level. We plan to increase the school standard materials and equipments in coming years which will enable students to learn well. We plan to add more buildings (classrooms and dormitories) because we expect a big number of students and this will help them to study well. We plan to do international tours so that it can enable our students to get additional and different research and knowledge. We plan to increase the number of sections options in our school such as Tailoring, Electricity, Hair dressing and Construction. We plan to open Nursery and primary classes as long as we get a big land for that. We plan to make our school to be the best in our country, region and to meet the international level.

Our Qualities

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Teamwork


Mandate 1
To create and continuously provide relevant and up-to-date technical and technological skills required by an advancing industrial economy

To be a leading technical school of skills training in Tourism, Science and Technology

Mission statement
To provide quality Technical Training in Tourism, Science and Technology to meet changing society needs

Core Values

  • Customer focus
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and innovation


ITS Kigali is the place for your all round development

Committed to Excellence
ITS Kigali is the place for you. We are there to ensure your development is complete and we are committed to make you have a cutting edge in the job market. We have most modern labs and workshops which are all fully equipped with world class equipment and machinery for the students to have first-hand experience. We have internet connection in the labs and in many Wi-Fi hotspots which allow our students to research, learn more and even network with other learners throughout the world seamlessly.

Strategically Located
We are located in Kigali town, along Eastern road, next Ndera Sector next to Muridi Market. Our location has a conducive environment for learning and makes it easy for our students to access other facilities not found within the school easily. The area within and outside the school is secure and well lit. You are always safe in ITS Kigali.

Affordable Lifestyle
Life in ITS Kigali is easy and affordable; we have hostels within the school which are most affordable, clean and hygienic. The hostels are offered at first come first serve basis. Our catering service is top notch. The food served is quality food at most affordable price.

Entertainment and Recreation
We have more than academics. The school offers development in all fields. We have sports, games, talent shows, and clubs in the school to ensure you develop in all ways as well as identify and grow your talents and skills. We have different teams ready for national and regional competitions. We also have classy entertainment and recreational facilities. We have music systems and DSTV connected screens for entertainment.

Service Charter