Social activities and optional trips

The orientation program and welcome reception on (Date) will give you the chance to meet your fellow students and the school staff.

We also arrange a number of evening social activities and optional weekend trips during the program.

The other two weekends provide free time for exploring Rwanda and the areas closer to I.T.S Kigali.

Optional weekend local and international cooking class

There is an opportunity to attend a one day local and another day international classics cooking class on chosen days and dates. This is limited to hotel management students. Students learn to make courses of traditional and international dishes, then sit down as a group to enjoy the meal.

Culture field trips

We arrange special trips to let our students explore the cultural and natural locales of Rwanda and nearby areas. The students get to absorb the cultural heritage of the nation and also witness the nature’s phenomenon in the city. We arrange educational visits for the students to make them understand the functioning’s at their niche centers. We try to infuse every little quality in our students by every possible method to make them connoisseur in their field.