As the Government continues to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges it poses to different sectors, it has been decided that the earliest schools may reopen is September 2020. The detailed school calendar will be shared in due course.

Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs)

When HLIs closed, there were only two months remaining in the academic year. HLIs will resume the interrupted term in September 2020, and conclude the 2019-2020 academic in November 2020. They will reopen in December 2020 for the new intake and ensure they take necessary measures to follow the school calendar year that ends in May-June 2021.

All schools that follow the National Program will follow the school calendar year as determined by the Ministry of Education.

International schools will continue to follow international study programs without compromising existing health measures and guidelines.

Schools that follow the national program are advised not to charge fees while they remain closed because of Covid-19 mitigation measures.

Tuition fees that were paid for Term 1 were used in the January – March period and will not be refunded.

Parents who had paid for a full school year will only be expected to pay for one term.

Schools are advised to ensure they take necessary hygiene measures in preparation for reopening, including ensuring adequate washing facilities and making necessary renovations to enhance hygiene.


When schools closed in March 2020, the Ministry of Education in partnership with telecom companies immediately zero-rated e-learning platforms in a bid to facilitate students to access them at no cost. Additionally, radio and TV, with a much wider coverage, have been leveraged to air lessons. The schedule for these lessons is shared periodically on the Ministry’s online accounts and on radio.

Students should continue to actively follow TV, radio, and e-learning activities until schools reopen.

A few private universities have their e-learning platforms ready and zero-rated. Higher learning students are encouraged to reach out to their respective universities to enquire about e-learning facilities at their disposal.

MINEDUC recognizes that the overall coverage of radio, TV, internet, and device ownership is limited and that a significant portion of the population does not have access to the above. Moreover, content for students with disabilities is not yet readily available. MINEDUC is working with partners to increase access to e-learning.

When schools reopen, there will be special measures to ensure those who did not have proper access to e-learning facilities are not left behind.


Teachers who are members of Umwalimu SACCO can get new loan facilities or restructure existing loans according to the terms and conditions set by the cooperative.

In line with the Government’s economic recovery plan, private schools will be considered as businesses. This means they can apply for appropriate relief packages. Private schools are encouraged to use the facility to ensure they respond to the basic needs of their teachers.

Just as e-learning platforms have been availed for students, teachers are encouraged to use them and to prepare lessons.

Additionally, there are various trainings and assessments that are being organized for teachers. More information will be communicated in the coming days.

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