Community and school information


The need to strengthen support for quality hands-on skill and affordable education and the creation of a good environment for vocational education services for youths in Rwanda has become a foundation upon which Rwandans (especially the vulnerable) have achieved many of their ambitions, especially where this helps to increase skills and professionalism to reduce unemployment, eradicate poverty and enable communities to improve livelihood.

At the national level, expansion of access to quality and affordable vocational training for Rwandan will assist the government to achieve education and development goals that very much focus the wellness for the entire community. This calls for the importance and needs to establish quality and affordable vocational schools in both the rural and urban areas in Rwanda.

The founders of I.T.S Kigali operate with the original and idea rationale that keeps them and the school facility committed to expanding access to vocational education for youths in Rwanda, especially the most vulnerable families and communities.

In this context, as the Rwandan government continues with efforts in education reforms aiming at improving every aspect of quality education, I.T.S Kigali, in line with the same efforts, commits to empower activities tailored to ensure that the vocational training and education system in Rwanda is producing the kind of future skilled and professional citizens the country that is desired at global job markets.

Entertainment and Recreation

Our campus is brimming with entertainment and recreational activities. The school offers a variety of sports and leisure activities and also provides access to ITS Kigali sports clubs. For more adventure, you can visit the Kigali city which is not too far away.

Culture Field Trips

We arrange special trips to let our students explore the cultural and natural locales of Rwanda and nearby areas. The students get to absorb the cultural heritage of the nation and also witness the nature’s phenomenon in the city. We arrange educational visits for the students to make them understand the functioning’s at their niche centers. We try to infuse every little quality in our students by every possible method to make them connoisseur in their field.